SDJB Wins Registered Trademark

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SDJB_2012Blog SDJB Wins Registered TrademarkSan Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) has announced that it has been awarded a registered trademark from the United States government. Having been issued the trademark, SDJB will be better able to eliminate confusion in the marketplace. Read more

Beware: Rogue San Diego Gold Buyers

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Gold-Buyers Beware: Rogue San Diego Gold BuyersKTVU News has produced a special report investigating the increase in rogue (illegal) gold buyers operating in the Bay Area, which is putting consumers at risk. According to the KTVU report, rogue gold buyers can cheat customers out of a fair cash payment for gold, while fueling local gold jewelry thefts. Read more

Sell Gold Before Gold Bubble Bursts?

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Gold PricesHave you been waiting to sell gold in San Diego, expecting that gold prices are just going to continue to rise? You might want to think again. More and more analysts are predicting that we are in a gold bubble that is about to burst. Read more

Record Gold Prices – Be Careful Where You Sell Gold Jewelry in San Diego

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Where to Sell GoldWith record gold prices above $1750 an ounce, more and more people in Southern California are selling gold jewelry to cash in on the gold rush. But when you sell gold, you need to be careful in choosing your gold buyer. WBNS TV in Ohio has published some useful information regarding how to sell gold. In a recent consumer report, they write: Read more

Sell Gold + Free Thai Massage

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Sell Gold In addition to guaranteed high cash offers, Southern California’s premier gold buyer San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) is now offering another benefit to selling gold jewelry, gold bullion, and scrap gold with the company: free traditional Thai massages from Massage Thai Way! Read more

New Website: Sell Gold San Diego!

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san-diego-sell-gold-refinery New Website: Sell Gold San Diego!Southern California gold refinery and gold buyer Sell Gold San Diego has launched a new website. Located at, the site is part of the company’s new online outreach to Californians who want to sell gold for cash. Read more

Sell Gold San Diego Saturdays

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Sell-Gold-San-Diego1 Sell Gold San Diego SaturdaysSan Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB), Southern California’s most prominent gold buyer and gold refinery, has announced a special promotion called “San Diego Sell Gold Saturdays.” On every Saturday until the end of May, SDJB will offer a 10% in-store discount to anyone who sells its gold buyers $500 or more worth of gold. “You can sell gold jewelry. Sell gold coins. Read more

Sell Gold? San Diego Pawn Shops Vs. National Gold Buyers

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Sell Gold JewelryGold and Silver Exchange launched a new nationwide website on Tuesday, Gold Buyers of USA, entering into direct competition with neighborhood pawn shops across the country. “With gold and silver prices through the roof, many people still run down to their local pawn shop…” founder David Castle said Tuesday. Read more

Recycled Gold & Eco-friendly Jewelry

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San Diego Gold RefineryJewelry designer Geralyn Sheridan, of AicoraGems “Jewelry Box” Gallery in Philadelphia, PA is known for her eco-friendly jewelry featuring recycled gold and silver. According to a report by, Sheridan’s “Two Joined as One” wedding ring, which she created for a customer Read more

Is Selling Gold at a San Diego Gold Party a Good Idea?

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San Diego Gold Party & PartiesIf you are thinking about throwing a San Diego gold party or selling your old gold jewelry at a gold party of one of your friends, you might want to think again. For starters, most San Diego gold parties are illegal. Over the years several individuals have been caught buying and selling gold at illegal San Diego gold parties.

For example, back in 2009 JCK reported about how two retail jewelers in Watsonville, CA, were facing misdemeanor charges for allegedly purchasing used gold jewelry without proper licensing or crime-prevention procedures. This story about illegal San Diego gold parties was covered in the Register-Pajaronian newspaper.

Both of these jewelers were ordered to appear in court to answer for their failure to comply with state and city standards, said the newspaper. One of the gold buyers acknowledged having bought jewelry for over a dozen years, unaware that in addition to a business license, state law requires jewellers/gold buyers to have a second-hand or pawn license in order to buy used goods like scrap gold and gold jewelry.

The crackdown on illegal gold parties in California began in late 2007, when police say a series of complaints prompted them to issue a warning letter to all jewelry dealers and launch an undercover investigation.

Police sent a letter to 25 merchants, advising them of the licensing law and their need to comply with it if they were buying or pawning gold items, said the newspaper. The crackdown served to educate local businesses about laws known as the California Business and Professions Code and the city’s obligation to uphold them.

Outside the fact that most San Diego gold parties are illegal, you also won’t get the most money for you scrap gold at a gold party of one of your friends. Why? Because there are too many people involved who all need to make a profit. Rather than selling your gold at a San Diego gold party, you are better off selling your gold to a buyer that is both a gold refinery and an expert jeweler.

Not all gold refineries are the same. Some of the big nationally advertised gold buyers who are gold refineries have been exposed as paying the lowest amounts for your gold jewelry, while other gold refineries aren’t really refineries at all but ship the gold they buy to out-of-state refineries. However, San Diego Jewelry Buyers is unique in that they operate a local San Diego gold refinery and are expert fine jewelers to boot. They therefore pay the high cash amounts for scrap gold as well as high-end diamond jewelry which never should be melted down.

When selling your gold to a San Diego gold refinery or other kind of local gold buyer, make sure that you research who they are and how they do business.

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