For Sale: 5+ Carat Tiffany & Co. Lucida Diamond Ring

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Lucida-Diamond-Ring-Tiffany-300x300 For Sale: 5+ Carat Tiffany & Co. Lucida Diamond RingAuthentic Luxury Goods (ALG), San Diego’s #1 designer consignment boutique, has acquired an extraordinary 5+ carat Lucida diamond engagement ring that is now up for sale on its eBay storefront. Widely considered among the most sought-after diamond rings in Tiffany & Co’s collections, Lucida diamond rings were introduced in 1999 and have become prized possessions ever since. Read more

Hermes Consignment Online

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Hermes-Consignment-Online-300x300 Hermes Consignment OnlineSan Diego fashion boutique Authentic Luxury Goods (ALG) has become a major outlet for Hermes consignment online. According to recent news reports, consignment shoppers from around the world have discovered that is the best place to buy and sell Hermes handbags on consignment.

“Within the past few days, we have sold 2 hard-to-find Hermes Birkin Bags for a combined total of $16,000,” says Carl Blackburn, owner of the Authentic Luxury Goods consignment store. Blackburn states that ALG is a popular handbag outlet for Hermes consignment online because the boutique sells used Hermes handbags through multiple retail channels visited by thousands of luxury shoppers around the globe.

“Authentic Luxury Goods is different from other consignment stores in that we specialize in Hermes consignment handbags,” says Blackburn. “Although our retail boutique in San Diego does a lot upscale consignment business, our Hermes consignment sales are conducted largely through our international online store,”

The Authentic Luxury Goods website specializes in more than Hermes consignment online. The popular e-commerce website also sells fine diamond jewelry and luxury timepieces on consignment. Recent luxury consignment items that ALG has either acquired or sold include a Bulgari Solid Gold and Diamond Purse valued at $28,000, a Jaeger Le-Coultre clock valued at $45,000, and a rare Patek Philippe wristwatch valued at $425,000.

When it comes to Hermes consignment online, ALG currently has on sale an Hermes Mini Birkin handbag with pink togo leather & silver hardware (Price: $18,000), a rare vintage Hermes black crocodile shoulder bag (Price: $20,000), and an Hermes Mini Birkin handbag with orange togo leather, gold hardware, and a custom Hermes silk scarf on the handle (Price: $18,000).

For more information about Hermes consignment online and how to buy and sell Hermes handbags with ALG, please go:

Small Business Loans – San Diego

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San-Diego-Pawn-Shops Small Business Loans - San DiegoWhere do California entrepreneurs go for small business loans in San Diego? If a recent Huffington Post article is any guide, they are going to alternative lending sources like San Diego pawn shops. The Huffpo article retells the story of a small business owner who saw her purchase orders quintuple overnight. That would sound like a dream come true for most business people. Read more

Cash Christmas Loans – No Credit Check in San Diego

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Cash-Christmas-Loans Cash Christmas Loans - No Credit Check in San DiegoShort of cash this Christmas? Looking for a San Diego Christmas loan? If you are thinking about a San Diego payday loan or cash advance this Christmas, we’ve got a better recommendation. The best option for a San Diego Christmas loan is a pawn shop loan.

Why is a San Diego pawn shop loan the best alternative for a Christmas loan? Because a San Diego payday loan or cash advance could result in a bad credit report and harassing phone calls from creditors if you default on the payment. On the other hand, a San Diego pawn shop loan protects your good credit rating and can be easily obtained even if you have bad credit. Read more

Is My Rolex Real or Fake?

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Is-My-Rolex-Real Is My Rolex Real or Fake?Rolex watches are among the finest timepieces in the world. For many people a Rolex watch represents not only watchmaking excellence. It also symbolizes personal success and accomplishment. Therefore, it is not surprising that fake Rolex watches have become a cottage industry, with hundreds of thousands of imitation Rolex watches in circulation around the world. This has left many people wondering, “Is my Rolex real or fake?

In the past, a fake Rolex watch in San Diego was relatively easy to spot. Some of the tell-tale signs include see-through dials or case-backs which reveal the inner-workings of the timepiece; rubber used on the watch band, case, or seal; minute hands that are the wrong size or shape; and serial numbers which have been engraved poorly or improperly.

Other indicators of a fake Rolex watch are not so easy to spot. For example, it will be difficult for the average person to tell the difference between a gold plated fake Rolex watch (if there are no other obvious signs) and a genuine 14k or 18k gold Rolex watch. Without a magnifying glass, it also will be hard to spot Rolex’s micro-etched logo which the company now uses to help confirm authenticity, as well as other tiny surface details that differentiate a genuine Rolex watch from a fake one.

In recent years, fake Rolex watch makers have become increasingly sophisticated in the manufacturing of counterfeit Rolex timepieces–so sophisticated that sometimes a San Diego jewelry store or pawn shop owner could be fooled if they are not highly familiar with Rolex watches. If you are uncertain about the authenticity of your Rolex watch, you should have it authenticated by either an experienced San Diego Rolex buyer or a jewelry store that deals regularly with luxury timepieces such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Cartier.

Getting your Rolex watch authenticated in San Diego is easy and shouldn’t cost you any money. Because the demand for pre-owned (used) Rolex watches is so high, many San Diego jewelry stores, jewelry buyers, and luxury pawn shops will happily authenticate your Rolex free of charge. Some will also provide a free market appraisal of your Rolex watch should you wish to sell it.

To find a San Diego business where you can get your used Rolex authenticated and appraised, search Google with phrases like “San Diego Rolex buyers” or “Sell my Rolex in San Diego”. Before choosing which business to go to with your Rolex watch, spend a few minutes reading about each company’s credentials and checking their rating with the San Diego Better Business Bureau.

How to Pawn a Rolex Watch

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Pawn-My-Rolex-Watch How to Pawn a Rolex WatchWith the economy the way it is, many people are turning to pawn shop loans to help make ends meet. That’s not surprising considering that a pawn shop loan involves no credit check AND it protects your credit rating. When people do a mental inventory of what they have to pawn for a cash loan, gold jewelry is one of the main items. However, an even better item for obtaining a decent sized cash loan is a Rolex watch or similar luxury timepiece.

The first step in how to pawn a Rolex watch is to make sure that you actually own an authentic Rolex watch. Rolex watches are probably the most copied timepiece on the planet, with hundreds of thousands of fake Rolex watches in circulation. You don’t want to go to pawn a Rolex watch just to suffer the embarrassment of being told that it’s a fake. So, before pawning a Rolex, check out this article which gives some tips on identifying a fake Rolex: Real Vs. Fake Rolex Watches.

Okay, let’s move on to the next step in how to pawn a Rolex watch. Do you still have all the original papers that came with the purchase of your Rolex? Bring those Rolex papers, box, receipt, and anything related to the purchase to the pawn shop. That material adds value to your Rolex watch. And the greater the value the bigger the cash loan you will receive when you pawn a Rolex watch.

How else can you get a bigger cash loan when you pawn a Rolex? Well, the first thing is, do not refurbish the dial before trying to pawn a Rolex watch. An original Rolex dial that has not been refurbished is worth more. Second, you still can pawn a Rolex watch even if it is not currently working. So, if you are in a tight jam financially, don’t try to fix your Rolex watch before pawning it. And whatever you do, never have a Rolex watch fixed with non-Rolex replacement parts, as this will significantly lower the cash loan you will receive.

The next step in how to pawn a Rolex watch is to choose a pawn shop. Not all pawn shops are the same. Some San Diego pawn shops specialize in particular types of items, such as guns, musical instruments, electronics, and fine jewelry. You want to choose a San Diego pawn shop that has a deep knowledge of Rolex watches, a pawn shop that understand the differences between a Rolex Submariner, a Rolex Explorer II, a Rolex Milgauss, a Rolex Sea Dweller, and other popular Rolex models.

How can you tell whether a San Diego pawn shop has Rolex expertise? Check their websites. Do they provide people who want to sell and pawn Rolex watches with useful information? Does the owner or management of the pawn shop have provable professional knowledge in fine jewelry and luxury timepieces? When in the pawn shop, check out their showcases. Do they display luxury timepieces from brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Hublot, and Chopard?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have undoubtedly found a good San Diego pawn shop in which to pawn a Rolex watch. Speaking of questions. Here are 4 questions that people often ask when they are wondering about how to pawn a Rolex watch.

1) Before I pawn my Rolex watch is there a credit check?

San Diego pawn shops never conduct credit checks before you pawn a Rolex watch. The pawn shop loan (i.e collateral loan) that you will receive is based on the resale value of your used Rolex watch. It is not based on your credit rating

2) How big of a cash loan can I expect when I pawn my Rolex watch?

That is difficult to say because the cash loan amount will depend on the make and model of your used Rolex watch and big a demand there is for it among Rolex buyers. However, unless you have a rare, limited edition Rolex or classic vintage Rolex in great condition, you should not be expecting a pawn shop loan that is anywhere near the retail price which was paid for your Rolex.

If you want to get a general idea of what your pre-owned Rolex is worth on the resale market, try searching “Completed” sales of your make and model of Rolex watch on eBay.

3) What will the the interest rates be when I pawn my Rolex watch?

When you pawn a Rolex watch the interest rate will vary depending on the value of your pre-owned Rolex and what San Diego pawn shop you are dealing with. San Diego Jewelry Buyers is one of Southern California’s most recognized providers of pawn shop loans on Rolex watches. And if you were to pawn a Rolex watch that is valued at $5,000 with them, it would cost you $200 a month for the use of this money.

4) What will happen if I pawn my Rolex watch and don’t pay back the loan?

If you are worried about a bad credit report when pawning a Rolex watch, don’t be. San Diego pawn shops (and all pawn shops for that matter) never communicate with credit reporting agencies. If you fail to pay back your collateral loan, the pawn shop will simply keep your Rolex watch and try to resell it to collect the money which they loaned you. Your good credit rating is protected.

Learn How to Sell an Antique Diamond Ring in San Diego, California

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Antique-Diamond-Ring Learn How to Sell an Antique Diamond Ring in San Diego, CaliforniaWhen selling a diamond ring in San Diego, it is important to be a knowledgeable seller. Gathering information is even more important if you want to sell an antique diamond ring. This is because more variables and details are involved when assessing the fair market value of an antique diamond ring.

To help antique diamond ring sellers get the most cash for their jewelry, San Diego Jewelry Buyers has recently published a new knowledge article “How to Sell an Antique Diamond Ring”. This consumer article covers the basics of jewelry making periods and styles of antique diamond rings, as well as what you need to know when choosing an antique diamond ring buyer. Read more

Georg Jensen 18k Men’s Fusion Rings on Sale at Jewelry Auction

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Jewelry AuctionSome men aren’t big on jewelry. But what man wouldn’t love to own these authentic Georg Jensen tricolored “Fusion” rings?

Sleek and fascinating, this previously-owned Georg Jensen Fusion ring features three 18 karat gold rings, each one of its own unique design, and is on sale now for only $1,350. Read more

Bad Credit Loans – San Diego, California

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Bad-Credit-Loans Bad Credit Loans - San Diego, CaliforniaSearching for information on bad credit loans in San Diego? If you need a fast cash loan and have bad credit, a collateral loan is an option well worth considering. When people need a bad credit loan, they often look toward California payday loan companies. However, a San Diego pay day loan often isn’t the best option for a bad credit loan.

If you default on a San Diego payday loan, your credit rating will get worse. In addition, you may start being harassed by a bad credit loan collection agency. Another reason why a payday loan often isn’t the best choice for a bad credit loan is that the interest rates are very high. Read more

Online Jewelry Auction: Roaring 20′s Platinum Art Deco Diamond Bracelet

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Roaring-20s-Jewelry Online Jewelry Auction: Roaring 20s Platinum Art Deco Diamond BraceletHere is one extraordinary diamond bracelet for an extraordinary lady. This Ladies Art Deco platinum and diamond bracelet, circa 1925, is a rare and authentic treasure that is currently being auctioned online for $40,000. Read more

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