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December 10, 2012 by Administrator 

San-Diego-Pawn-Shops Small Business Loans - San DiegoWhere do California entrepreneurs go for small business loans in San Diego? If a recent Huffington Post article is any guide, they are going to alternative lending sources like San Diego pawn shops. The Huffpo article retells the story of a small business owner who saw her purchase orders quintuple overnight. That would sound like a dream come true for most business people.

However, a large scale increase in orders can cause a panic in these current times when banks are issuing fewer and fewer business loans. Having got rejected from her usual bank and community banks, the business owner in this case sought out the services of a pawn shop: “I would have shied away from something like this in the past, thinking I was going to be judged as being a bad businessperson. But it was very smooth, very professional. It was a godsend.”

Small business owners across the country are discovering how their local pawn shops can help them meet their financial obligations in a quick and efficient manner, and without putting their credit ratings at risk. In San Diego County, San Diego Jewelry Buyers is leading the way in helping California entrepreneurs finance start-ups and small business owners get the cash they need to operate their businesses.

In addition to not putting your credit rating at risk, a small business loan from a San Diego pawn shop can be obtained even if you have bad credit. A San Diego pawn shop loan is a no credit check small business loan that can be taken out in amounts upwards to $250,000 at elite pawn shops like San Diego Jewelry Buyers.

All that is required for one of these small business loans in San Diego is a luxury item that can be used as collateral. The items most often used are fine jewelry, luxury watches, gold or silver coins, and diamonds. To learn more about a collateral small business loan, go to San Diego Business Loans.

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