Is My Rolex Real or Fake?

October 26, 2012 by Administrator 

Is-My-Rolex-Real Is My Rolex Real or Fake?Rolex watches are among the finest timepieces in the world. For many people a Rolex watch represents not only watchmaking excellence. It also symbolizes personal success and accomplishment. Therefore, it is not surprising that fake Rolex watches have become a cottage industry, with hundreds of thousands of imitation Rolex watches in circulation around the world. This has left many people wondering, “Is my Rolex real or fake?

In the past, a fake Rolex watch in San Diego was relatively easy to spot. Some of the tell-tale signs include see-through dials or case-backs which reveal the inner-workings of the timepiece; rubber used on the watch band, case, or seal; minute hands that are the wrong size or shape; and serial numbers which have been engraved poorly or improperly.

Other indicators of a fake Rolex watch are not so easy to spot. For example, it will be difficult for the average person to tell the difference between a gold plated fake Rolex watch (if there are no other obvious signs) and a genuine 14k or 18k gold Rolex watch. Without a magnifying glass, it also will be hard to spot Rolex’s micro-etched logo which the company now uses to help confirm authenticity, as well as other tiny surface details that differentiate a genuine Rolex watch from a fake one.

In recent years, fake Rolex watch makers have become increasingly sophisticated in the manufacturing of counterfeit Rolex timepieces–so sophisticated that sometimes a San Diego jewelry store or pawn shop owner could be fooled if they are not highly familiar with Rolex watches. If you are uncertain about the authenticity of your Rolex watch, you should have it authenticated by either an experienced San Diego Rolex buyer or a jewelry store that deals regularly with luxury timepieces such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Cartier.

Getting your Rolex watch authenticated in San Diego is easy and shouldn’t cost you any money. Because the demand for pre-owned (used) Rolex watches is so high, many San Diego jewelry stores, jewelry buyers, and luxury pawn shops will happily authenticate your Rolex free of charge. Some will also provide a free market appraisal of your Rolex watch should you wish to sell it.

To find a San Diego business where you can get your used Rolex authenticated and appraised, search Google with phrases like “San Diego Rolex buyers” or “Sell my Rolex in San Diego”. Before choosing which business to go to with your Rolex watch, spend a few minutes reading about each company’s credentials and checking their rating with the San Diego Better Business Bureau.

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