Sell Gold Before Gold Bubble Bursts?

August 25, 2011 by Administrator 

Gold PricesHave you been waiting to sell gold in San Diego, expecting that gold prices are just going to continue to rise? You might want to think again. More and more analysts are predicting that we are in a gold bubble that is about to burst. The jewelry industry magazine JCK quotes a report from Wells Fargo bank that says:

“We think the current price of gold is a bubble that is poised to burst…With very little warning, the bottom can drop out on gold prices very quickly. For example, during six short months in 2008, gold lost more than 30 percent of its value. In the 1980s, in a little more than two years, the price of gold dropped approximately 65 percent.”

JCK also quotes economist Lloyd Thomas as saying, “gold’s rise has fueled by “herd behavior. You saw this with the NASDAQ in the 1990s, or the housing bubble from 1998 to 2006,” he says. “When people see something that is creating gigantic returns, they jump on it, and that creates a bubble, and bubbles always burst.”

If you want to sell gold coins, sell gold jewelry, or sell other gold assets before the gold bubble bursts, it might be better to do it sooner rather than later. To get the most cash for gold, visit a gold buyer like San Diego Jewelry Buyers, which is a gold refinery, gold coin dealer, and estate jeweler combined.

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