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August 23, 2011 by Administrator 

Pawngo Reviews Once again, we unfortunately find a newspaper writer feeding misperceptions about pawn shops and today’s pawn shop experience. This time it is the New York Times, as it reviews the new startup, Pawngo, an online pawn shop. The article starts its Pawngo review by saying:

“Pawn shops have traditionally been associated with rundown neighborhoods and shady dealings — think of that violent scene in the movie “Pulp Fiction.” An online pawn shop, Pawngo aims to change that perception. But can the site bring a fresh, perky attitude to the inherently depressing tradition of selling one’s valuables out of desperation?”

Is this an accurate way to begin a Pawngo review? It seems that this writer and other journalists have never walked into any of the hundreds of wonderful pawn shops that exist across the United States. These pawn shops are anything but a depressing experience or located in a run down district. Their pawn shop owners take pride in building a valuable business presence in the community and serve thousands of local residents with professional and ethical service. Just look at what you see on the TV show “Pawn Stars“.

When it comes to San Diego Pawn Shops, San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) has taken the lead in serving upscale customers, including San Diego business owners, with instant cash loans up to $250,000 on qualified collateral such as diamond jewelry, gold bullion, and other precious gift assets. Located in San Diego’s famous Gaslamp Quarter, SDJB is a luxury pawn shop with over a hundred 5 stars reviews and a dedication to customer service that is shared by fellow pawn shop owners across California and the country. We encourage journalist to visit some pawn shops an collateral loan providers in their community. They likely will be surprised at what they find.

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