Getting Rid of Pawn Shop Stereotypes

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Throughout San Diego county and in cities around the country, many people have negative perceptions of pawn shops. In Illinois, The Daily Northwestern reports that Windy City Jewelry & Loan Ltd. is tired of the stereotypes and is working its hardest to defy them. In their article the newspaper talks with the store’s manager Bruno Wilson. Unlike the image people often have in their heads, Wilson’s shop is clean and neat, and no one can enter without first being buzzed in by an attendant. Read more

California Auction House Helps You Stretch Your Holiday Dollars

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Mindful of tighter budgets for consumers this holiday season, the SCAA (Southern California Auctioneers Association) is encouraging San Diego buyers to stretch their dollars at one of its many live auctions throughout Southern California. Although the SCAA specializes in the Southern California marketplace, public demand for live and online auctions has allowed this 50-member association to expand nationally and internationally. Read more

Stolen Goods Up for Legal Auction!

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CBS News is offering a new tip for how San Diego shoppers can save money this holiday season…buy stolen property! Some people are turning to giving hot gifts (as in stolen property from the police). But not to worry; it’s perfectly legal. A bonanza of fenced goods is now available at–an online auction site where you can buy stolen goods without someone calling 911 on you. Read more