How to Sell a Used Rolex to a San Diego Rolex Buyer?

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sell-rolex-san-diego-buyer How to Sell a Used Rolex to a San Diego Rolex Buyer?If you want to sell a Rolex or other high-grade Swiss mechanical watch to a San Diego Rolex buyer, this guide is for you. While Rolex watches are made to last a lifetime, many times people decide they want to sell their Rolex, perhaps to upgrade to a more unique model or to get some quick extra cash. Whatever your reason is for selling your Rolex, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when approaching a San Diego used Rolex buyer.

First thing to remember is that professional watch buyers look for original Rolex parts when assessing the resale value of your used Rolex. It is this resale value on which they base their purchase offer, not the retail value of a new Rolex watch. So, if at some point you (or someone else) added non-Rolex parts to your watch, this will lower its worth considerably.

How can you get the best price for a used Rolex? Well, one way is by keeping the original box and papers with which the watch was sold. This is very important to remember should you ever purchase a new Rolex, which might unexpectedly be sold some time in the future. Proper paperwork and boxes help assure the next person that purchases it from the San Diego Rolex buyer that the timepiece is not a counterfeit.

If the band on your Rolex is slack and/or dingy, this will affect the buying offer, because the used Rolex buyer will have to invest time and money in tightening up the band and making it appear like-new again. But whatever you do, do not try to refurbish the dial of your pre-owned Rolex before selling it. While dials of certain models are sometimes refurbished by highly trained watch specialists, collectors generally value the original dial more than a refurbished one. By refurbishing the dial you could significantly be reducing its resale value. In addition, don’t go ahead and try to fix your Rolex before selling it. A Rolex that is not working often will still bring a decent buying offer, especially if it is one of the most sought-after models.

Before going to talk with a San Diego Rolex buyer, know exactly what you are selling and what materials were used in the manufacturing of your timepiece. Is it made of stainless steel, platinum, or gold? If it’s a gold Rolex, is the gold 14k or 18k? Is it a solid color or two-tone gold? If possible, don’t leave these questions to the watch buyer to answer. Research your watch online and try to get the answers yourself.

Sometimes going to a dedicated Rolex buyer isn’t the best option for San Diegans. There are those who have a friend, co-worker, or relative that is interested in buying the watch, while others decide that they would like to try their hand at selling their Rolex on e-bay. If selling your watch to an acquaintance who has concerns about whether the Rolex is authentic or counterfeit, have them read this informative article: Real Rolexes vs. Fake Rolexes.

If going the e-bay route, sell only to buyers who are located in the United States, take a picture of your Rolex watch that shows the serial number before shipping it, and for receiving payment use a Paypal account that is linked to a bank account with only a very small balance to protect you from fraud.

Lastly, before going to a San Diego Rolex buyer to sell a Rolex watch, check them out with the Better Business Bureau and only deal with those business that have been operating for more than a year, have an A or A+ rating, and who specialize in Swiss timepieces.

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