Sell Gold? San Diego Pawn Shops Vs. National Gold Buyers

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Sell Gold JewelryGold and Silver Exchange launched a new nationwide website on Tuesday, Gold Buyers of USA, entering into direct competition with neighborhood pawn shops across the country. “With gold and silver prices through the roof, many people still run down to their local pawn shop…” founder David Castle said Tuesday. Read more

Demand for Gold Bullion Coins Soars

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Reuters (London) is reporting demand for gold coins has risen sharply, according to mints around the world, as interest in the precious metal soars on the back of financial instability and concerns over the inflation outlook. The Royal Canadian Mint, which produces Maple Leaf bullion coins, said it quadrupled its production capacity late last year as demand for gold and silver bullion products leapt. Read more

California Gold Scams On The Rise

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John Asbury for The Press-Enterprise of Riverside writes that gold scams are on the rise in California. Asbury gives one example of how a a woman was approached to buy a gold bar outside a Southern California Wal-Mart, she thought she was getting a bargain. Instead, she ended up with a polished hunk of metal. Read more