Stephen Webster: Diamond Fanatic

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The one exciting thing about shopping for jewelry at pawn shops, be they in San Diego or any other part of the country is that owners sometimes undervalue what they have in their showcases because they don’t realize what kind of item they have. This is especially so when it comes to hot new jewelry designers like diamond fanatic Stephen Webster.

From a modest start in the small town of Gravesend, near London, Webster has become one of today’s most recognized celebrity jewelry designers, attracting a wide range of famous clients, including Elton John, Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicholas Cage. His unique talents have been regularly recognized by his peers. He is a four-time winner of the “Luxury Jeweller of the Year” award (2001, 2002, 2003, and 2005) in the United Kingdom. He has also been the UK’s “Jewelry Designer of the Year” four times, most recently in 2006.

Unconventional and quirky, Stephen Webster blends the traditional values of jewelry craftsmanship with a love for modern fashion, street styles, and contemporary music. His career began at 16 when he attended a jewelry and silversmith course at Medway College of Design. He later studied under Tony Sheperd (a former Prime Warden of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths) before heading out on his own to work as a craftsman for several London design houses–during which time he was twice commissioned to set the De Beers Diamond Stakes Trophy.

Stephen Webster set up his first studio in Canada in 1982, returned to England briefly in 1984, and then set off to California to explore the sun-drenched streets of the West Coast. In 1988 he once again returned to England to establish his current company Stephen Webster Ltd., which has become one of the largest jewelry manufacturing and design studios in London’s West End. Webster has also established independent boutiques and concessions around the world, including stores in Moscow, Hong Kong, Seoul, and St. Petersburg.

So what this all means is this: if you see a piece of Stephen Webster jewelry going for a couple hundred dollars at a San Diego pawn shop and you are sure it is the real deal, buy it!


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