San Diego Tips: Selling Your Used Watch

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If you are looking to sell your watch in San Diego, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, is the watch you are selling vintage or like new? For the watch to be sold as “vintage” it should be more than 40 years old. If the watch is under ten years old, then you should do whatever maintenance is necessary to make it appear as new as possible. For example, if the band is full of scratches you might consider replacing it. And if the watch is battery powered, replace the battery.

You should learn as much as you can about your watch, including the brand, model, design, functions, year of manufacture, and the current market demand for watches of its type. There are plenty of websites that can help you in this learning process. Try also looking up similar watches on e-bay to help gauge the demand for your watch. The greater the demand for your watch, coupled with a short supply, translates to higher prices and more money for you.

Visit or call several San Diego jewelry buyers to get a free quote on your watch. Some places will even provide a quote via email, as long as you provide them with all of the necessary details about your watch. If you go to visit a buyer in their office, do not leave your watch with them, but ask for a quote right away. A reputable buyer will have no problem giving you a quote on your watch during your visit.

Once you have received a range of buying offers for your watch, you can then choose the best one, or try to sell it via an online or offline auction. San Diego has several bricks and mortar auction houses that sell watches, including AAA Auction and Anstead’s auction.


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Antiquorum Watch Auction Sees Record Sales

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It is not only jewelry auctions that have been exceeding expectations lately as investors continue to move money into hard assets. Antiquorum reports that its first auction of the fall season brought in $9,892,812 from its sale of collectible clocks, pocket watches, and wristwatches.

In total, 404 pieces were sold. 34 percent of the items were bought via Antiquorum’s online bidding system. Buyers logged in bids from countries around the globe, including China, Germany, and Russia.

The highest sales price went to a Patek Philippe “First Series,” which scored a final bid of $1,514,400. But it was a wristwatch formerly owned by Albert Einstein that sparked the auction’s most intense bidding war. When the gavel dropped the Longines watch from the famed physicist was sold for $596,000, more than 2,000 percent its original estimated value (the highest price ever paid for a Longines wristwatch). Rolex also earned a record amount for its “Platinum Day Date” wristwatch which went for $78,000.

You certainly aren’t going to find those kinds of watches at a San Diego pawn shop, but the these auction results should show you that if you are in need of a good sized cash loan from a pawnbroker, a collectable watch is one of your best items to use as collateral.


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Watch Auctioneer Opens L.A. Office

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Buyers and sellers of collectable watches in San Diego will be interested to hear that Antiquorum (the world’s premier watch auctioneer) has opened a Los Angeles office due to an expanded clientele on the West Coast, reports National Jeweler Magazine. The new office is located at 468 N. Camden Dr. in Beverly Hills, and adds to a U.S. presence that already includes headquarters in New York City. Clients will be able to inquire about auction estimates for their watches, consign to upcoming auctions, and ask for advice on timepieces.

Charles Tearle will run the Los Angeles office. Tearle is a veteran of the watch industry and specializes in wristwatches from the 1920s to the 1970s. He recently joined Antiquorum as director and watch expert with a particular interest in Patek Philippe, Cartier, and Rolex sport watches.

Tearle began his distinguished career in horology at Somlo Antiques (a prestigious vintage watch store based in London). He became a watch specialist at Bonhams London in 2004, and two years later was asked to open a watch department for Bonhams in the United States. He is a regular guest on the television series Antiques Roadshow.

About Antiquorum

Antiquorum recently celebrated its 30-year anniversary, after having successfully carved its own unparalleled niche in the auction world. Established in Geneva in 1974, the company has cultivated a thriving collector’s market for timepieces worldwide. In 1994 it added its New York affiliate Antiquorum USA, and since then has continually realized the most impressive world records for sales of watches, clocks, wristwatches, regulators, and marine chronometers at auction.


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NAWCC Announces SW California Regional

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The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) Chapter 59 today announced the dates for its 2008 Southwest California Regional: November 20 through 22 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

This annual event, which Chapter 59 manages every November with co-host Chapter 136, attracts watch and clock sellers and buyers from all over the world. Many antique dealers attend the Southwest California Regional to replenish their inventory of vintage clocks and watches, making it one of the few major events at which the average collector can discover true “wholesale” deals on collectible timepieces.

The venue in the Del Mar Fairgrounds’ Wyland Center holds more than 250 tables, each laden with items for sale. In addition to complete collectible watches and clocks, you can find parts and tools for restoration and repair, horological books from technical manuals to lavishly photographed coffee table tomes, hard-to-find watchstraps and bracelets, and good old-fashioned one-man’s-junk treasure dealers. Whether you need a correct set of weights for a Black Forest cuckoo clock, a new mainspring for an old-fashioned pocket watch, or a museum-quality antique mantel clock, you’ll probably find it at the 2008 Southwest California Regional.

As the date of the event approaches, registration forms will be available online. For the latest information about the Southwest California Regional, visit:

About NAWCC Chapter 59

The NAWCC is a non-profit organization, and Chapter 59 is the San Diego chapter of the NAWCC. Its members come from all over San Diego County. Visit NAWCC Chapter 59′s website to learn about monthly meeting times and member benefits.


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New Auction House to Sell Masterpiece Watches

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Patrizzi and Co. Auctioneers, a new auction house founded by former Antiquorum chairman Osvaldo Patrizzi, has announced its first-ever auction.

The National Jeweler Network reports that the sale of watchmaking masterpieces will take place on Nov. 18 at the Hotel Richemond in Geneva, with collectors also participating via the Internet.

A trio of Breguet timepieces are among the lots to be auctioned off, with Breguet No. 2807, an 18-karat gold and enamel astronomical, equation-of-time pocket watch, among the offerings. The watch was one of an edition of three created by Breguet, but No. 2807 is the earliest of the three and the only one known to still be in its original condition. The watch features mean and true solar time, manual perpetual calendar and phases of the moon. The watch was sold to General Yermoloff in 1817 and is expected to sell between $1,400,000 and $1,850,000.

Breguet No. 2396 is a fine and extremely rare 18-karat gold watch with a “Garde Temps” four-minute tourbillon regulator. The timepiece’s regulator features constant force escapement that has been converted, as well as independent seconds, a 36-hour power-reserve indicator and fast-frequency balance. The watch was also sold to General Yermoloff in 1815 and is expected to fetch between $550,000 and $850,000.

The Breguet and Fils “Horlogers de la Marine Royal,” Breguet No. 3787, is one of three of the world’s first “Garde Temps” deck chronometers with double barrels known to have survived. Made in silver, the watch is one of the first practical deck watches ever made. It is estimated between $160,000 and $180,000.

Additional highlights of the sale include a Vacheron Constantin extra flat minute repeater and a Patek Philippe Ref. 1518, each expected to realize between $180,000 and $360,000.

For highlights and more information, visit the Patrizzi and Co. Web site,


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Ernst Benz Commemorates Bejing With New Timepiece

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Ernst Benz

National Jeweler reports that the Swiss watch brand Ernst Benz has launched a new timepiece in commemoration of the city of Beijing, host of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The introduction marks a new series to be released bi-annually in celebration of the great cities of the world. “In the continual effort to tell the story of Ernst Benz and its ‘Great Circle’ theme of exploration and aviation, we have designed these timepieces to honor the magnificent society and rich heritage of the city of Beijing,” Leonid Khankin, Ernst Benz designer and managing director, said in a media release.

In designing the “Beijing 2008 Limited Edition ChronoScope,” Khankin took inspiration from Chinese numerology and the number eight, a continuous and symmetrical number that is a symbol of prosperity and wealth in Chinese culture.

The watch was designed and manufactured in Switzerland, and will be available exclusively in the brand’s signature 47-millimeter size with two different dial executions, “Noir,” in black, and “Vermilion,” a red style. Both versions will be limited to only 88 pieces, hand-finished in brushed stainless steel. An even more limited edition of eight pieces per dial will be available in black PVD-coated brushed steel.

Both dials feature a traditional Chinese pattern representing fire, and incorporate Chinese characters for the numerals, with the eighth hour marker written as “08″ to signify the importance of the 2008 year. The watches will be delivered in custom Chinese-themed packaging and will feature a choice of hand-stitched alligator straps in black with red stitching or red with black stitching.

The stainless steel version will retail for $5,800 and the black PVD-coated brushed stainless steel model will retail for $6,800.


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