Sell My Diamond Ring?

August 21, 2012 by Administrator 

Tiffany-Ring-Buyer Sell My Diamond Ring?Have you been wondering, “How can I sell my diamond ring for cash?” In the past several years, hundreds of thousands of Americans have sold previously owned diamond jewelry for more cash for living. When selling a diamond ring for cash, you have several options. You could try selling a diamond ring on eBay or other online auction site. You could try selling a diamond ring to a jewelry store or pawn shop.

You also could sell your diamond ring to a dedicated diamond buyer like San Diego Jewelry Buyers. Thousands of people have picked SDJB as the best place to sell diamond rings and diamond jewelry.

Why have so many chosen SDJB as the answer to the question “Where can I sell my diamond ring?” Because San Diego Jewelry Buyers is a luxury pawnbroker that specializes in buying diamond rings. They’ve built an exclusive resale network that allows them to pay the absolute best prices for used diamond rings—much more than what is commonly paid at a traditional fine jewelry store or pawn shop.

Customers choose SDJB over selling a diamond ring on eBay or online because the company provides a comfortable, secure, and safe environment to sell diamond jewelry. There is no risk involved and no waits. SDJB provides you with a free diamond ring appraisal at its downtown San Diego estate store. Then you have the option to accept their cash offer or take the diamond ring appraisal as your free gift. It’s as easy as that.

Get more cash today for your diamond ring. Or get a free market appraisal of your diamond ring. You’ve got nothing to lose but a whole lot more cash to gain. Give SDJB a call at 800-557-9413. Let their A+ BBB diamond ring buyers show you why they are the answer to not only “How Can I sell my diamond ring?” but “Where is the best place sell my diamond ring for cash?”

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