Sell Gold? San Diego Pawn Shops Vs. National Gold Buyers

March 21, 2011 by Administrator 

Sell Gold JewelryGold and Silver Exchange launched a new nationwide website on Tuesday, Gold Buyers of USA, entering into direct competition with neighborhood pawn shops across the country. “With gold and silver prices through the roof, many people still run down to their local pawn shop…” founder David Castle said Tuesday.

There is a good reason why those who sell gold visit local pawn shops, where pawnbrokers specialize in buying gold. Investigative news reports across the country have shown that pawn shops and local dedicated gold buyers like San Diego Jewelry Buyers pay gold sellers the highest prices for their gold. National mail-in companies though have consistently been shown to pay the lowest amounts for gold coins, scrap gold, and gold jewelry.

Many complaints have been levied at large national gold buyers, ones which have been well-documented in media reports on “gold scams” and in reports to the Better Business Bureau. Mail-in gold buyers rely on the fact that most people, once they have been issued a check (even if it is a low amount), will keep the cash rather than go through the hassle of asking for their gold back. Many of these national gold buyers also give a low-ball cash offer first, hoping that the gold seller will just take it. But if the seller complains, they will increase the price of their offer–yet still below the cash offer which most local pawn shops and gold buyers would pay.

Fortunately, for San Diego residents, they don’t have to play such games when they sell gold. Nor do they have to mail-in their gold to a big national buyer with huge overheads. They have one of the best gold buyers in the country located downtown in the Gaslamp: San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB). Featured on KUSI TV News, SDJB is the gold buyer and gold refinery that Californians trust when they sell gold.

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