A New San Diego Trend in Pre-owned Gold & Used Luxury Handbags?

August 31, 2010 by Administrator 

handbag-gold-buyers A New San Diego Trend in Pre-owned Gold & Used Luxury Handbags?According to San Diego Jewelry Buyers & Loans (SDJBL), increasing numbers of San Diegans are purchasing pre-owned designer handbags and gold jewelry. “On the surface, this might appear strange considering the current economic conditions,” says Carl Blackburn, owner of SDJBL, “but there is a logical explanation for this trend.”

“For one thing, many people are no longer letting their second-hand luxury items like gold jewelry and luxury handbags (which they no longer wear or use anymore) gather dust in their drawers and closets,” says Blackburn. “Instead, they are taking them to a trusted business such as San Diego Jewelry Buyers & Loans to receive cash on the spot for these assets.”

According to Blackburn, consumer selling of pre-owned handbags and gold benefits other shoppers, some of whom previously couldn’t afford gold jewelry or a high branded handbag. “It just makes perfect sense to our customers from a financial standpoint. They are purchasing more gold due to the fact that they are worried about inflation and it’s a secure way to store wealth, and they are purchasing pre-owned luxury items like designer handbags, because they can last for decades versus mass market merchandise which often wears out in a year or less.”

“This philosophy of purchasing pre-owned gold jewelry as an investment and choosing second-hand luxury items over new, but more cheaply made, products is something that I’ve frequently observed in my travels throughout Asia,” adds Blackburn. “It is also something we’ve long seen from our clients who come from the Asian communities of Kearny Mesa, Mira Mesa, Claremont, Linda Vista, and other areas of San Diego County. Indeed, a lot of the gold we buy these days and have in our safes is investment grade 23K Thai gold, 24K Taiwanese gold, and 24K Hong Kong gold chains and jewelry, since many of our customers from San Diego’s Asian communities travel back and forth from Asia or have friends and family who purchase gold there.”

San Diego Jewelry Buyers & Loans has recently opened a new showroom and office suite at 907 6th Avenue, on the NE Corner of 6th Avenue and E Street, in the Gaslamp District of downtown San Diego. In addition to being one of California’s most recognized buyers of pre-owned gold and designer handbags, SDJBL is a pre-eminent buyer of large carat diamonds, prestige watches, platinum, and silver.

Customers can contact them at 800-557-9413 for a free consultation or to arrange a confidential appointment. For more information, visit

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