Selling Gold Jewelry: Tips & Guide

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San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) has published a new guide for consumers looking to sell their gold. Titled “Selling Gold Jewelry: Top 10 Consumer Tips,” the article is the newest addition to SDJB’s online Knowledge portal. This consumer information center includes guides and tips for selling diamonds, estate jewelry, and gold items, as well as how to use these precious assets for private collateral cash loans that require no credit checks and do not put the consumer’s credit rating at risk.

Although the new gold sellers guide is aimed toward people in San Diego County, the tips on how to sell your gold are helpful to anyone looking to sell used (or pre-owned) gold jewelry to gold buyers. SDJB urges gold sellers to remember that all gold buyers are not the same, and that consumers need to educate themselves to get the most money for their gold jewelry, scrap gold, and other gold items.

Highlights of San Diego Jewelry Buyers’ gold sellers guide include:

**If a San Diego gold buyer (or supposed “gold refinery”) offers to beat any price in town, try to figure out exactly what that means. Ask questions looking for a “catch,” such as will they buy all of your gold, or just choose the best pieces? Will they pay more for antique or designer pieces or give one blanket price per gram for everything? The important thing to remember is this: If they’re willing to beat any price in town, then why wouldn’t they just give you their best price to begin with?

**Always be sure that the price a San Diego gold buyer is quoting you is the actual price that they will pay you, and not the price that gold bullion is selling for on the commodities market. If the figure they quote you sounds too good to be true, it probably is. They are probably giving you the bullion price, and not the actual value of your gold. Always ask, “Is that how much you will pay me per gram?”

**Look for gold jewelry buyers with the most knowledge, as they are most likely to pay you the most. For example, a David Webb gold brooch from the 1970s might be worth 5-10 times its weight in gold. The average gold buyer won’t realize this. But a gold buyer like San Diego Jewelry Buyers will understand this and pay you the true market value for designer gold jewelry.

To read the rest of SDJB’s guide, please go to the following URL:

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