Wide Assortment of Unique Items Available at Michigan’s MiBid

December 10, 2008 by Administrator 


Just because you live in San Diego, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of MiBid (Michigan State’s Budget Office’s online auction Web site), which is now offering a wide and weird variety of used items to the highest bidder.

“We’ve been doing online auctions since August 2000 but have really moved to doing most of business online in the last six years,” said Kassie Kretzschmar, director of communications for the Department of Management and Budget. “Last fiscal year we did $2.3 million in gross sales online. With our economy the way it is, people are going online to look for the best deal.”

Items for bid include electronics, tools, office furniture and vehicles, all of which generate revenue, she said. Among the items are things confiscated by police agencies, for child support and property abandoned in airports, she said.

For example, the Hamburg Township Police Department in Livingston County began auctioning old evidence and property seized in drug forfeitures on MiBid about two years ago, including expensive jewelry and watches, said Sgt. Gary Harpe. “This is property that really has no value to us but has value to somebody,” he said.

The department also auctions off its unneeded motorcycles and patrol cars, Harpe added. “We may only receive a few thousand dollars for it, but it’s a huge help,” he said. “In today’s financially poor times, it’s a way to generate revenue for our police department. Any money we receive is certainly a help.”

New items are added continuously to the Michigan site. Check out the latest by clicking on this auction link.


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