Top 5 Tips: Selling Used Silver Flatware

November 14, 2008 by Administrator 


Here are your top 5 tips to remember before selling your silver flatware in San Diego.

1) Identify whether it actually is made of sterling silver, and not just silver plated. If it is genuine sterling silver flatware, the word “sterling” will be on the flatware. That is, unless it is an antique manufactured prior to 1860.

2) Identify the maker, era, and any patterns; then go online and research the popularity of each. Collectors often focus only one particular kind of item. So you need to know if your flatware falls into an in-demand niche.

3) Don’t be overly concerned about signs of use. Slight damage on antique flatware does not significantly reduce its value. If any of your flatware pieces have been modified that will also lower the price. However, if your silverware is simply tarnished, this is nothing to worry about and will not lower its value.

4) Beware of forgeries. Just because your silver flatware is old, doesn’t mean that it is authentic or worth a lot of money. Forged maker’s marks have been appearing for hundreds of year.

5) Before selling your silver flatware, polish it with a soft polishing cloth and a non-abrasive polish. Wear cotton gloves and dry your flatware as soon as possible after cleaning. Don’t put your silverware in the dishwasher!


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