Burma Ruby Ban Now In Force

October 6, 2008 by Administrator 


San Diego buyers and sellers of antique jewelry and estate jewelry should be informed that last week a long-expected U.S. ban on gemstones from Burma (Myanmar) took effect—some two months after President Bush signed into law the Tom Lantos Block Burmese JADE Act of 2008.

According to Josh Hall (vice president of Pala International, based in Fallbrook, Calif.) the purchase of older inventories of Burmese gemstones is still legal but many jewelers plan to avoid buying any Burmese gems so as to be in full compliance with the spirit of the law.

As Burmese rubies become more rare, prices are expected to rise dramatically, and likewise the prices of vintage jewelry set with these highly prized rubies. The ban also will likely increase business for companies that focus on conflict-free and fair trade gems, such as Canada’s True North Gems, which mines rubies in the Southwest region of Greenland.

About Burmese Rubies

The legendary Mogok valley in north central Burma (Myanmar) is famous for its coveted “pigeon blood red” rubies, which have set the standard by which other rubies are measured. Mogok also produces rich-colored blue and pink sapphires, green peridot, and fiery red and orange spinels. In recent decades, the Nanyarseik area of Burma’s Kachin State has been building its own reputation as a producer of quality Burmese gemstones. The current ban on Burmese gemstones is due to the fact that profits from their sale are used by Myanmar’s military junta to retain oppressive control over its population.


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